Cost of a new Beryllium tweeter?


I have a pair of Focal Micro Utopia Be, With the first generation of the Beryllium tweeter.
By accident, when I cleaned the speaker, the magnetic grill went down and cracked the tweeter :-(
How much do a pair / single of new matching tweeters costs?

Thanks guys.
A pair will cost $1600. A single cost $800.
Audio Plus Services 800-663-9352
Wonderful people to deal with.
I just noticed that you need a first gen tweeter.
My quote was for the latest one out.
It may be less expensive for the first gen model.
Keep us posted.
Be very careful with the beryllium dome. Beryllium is a highly toxic substance and special care need to be taken to properly recycle the material. Audio plus or Focal should have a program in place for handling the recycling process.

Good listening

I think I have it (it cals TBU/Micro) some if didnt sold earlier.. not sure if the Micro or bigger models(the diferencies is in top edge frontplate)keep us posted about dealer price. 800usd for new generation tweeter sound to good to be true. at least here in Europe.
I too have damaged one of the tweeters of my MicroBes (a few years ago while moving). Focal replace it within 2-3 weeks. It cost me somewhere between 600 and 650 euros. I have never checked whether I could have bought this tweeter from some place else.
I had the same thing happen with my Diva Be's back in 2005. The cost was ~$1000. That was direct cost, I had friends at both AudioPlus and the local hi-fi shop, neither added any markup. Mostly I think they just felt sorry for me.

Hopefully they are cheaper now.
Thanks everyone,

Unfortunately I can't manage to get any price quote from anyone except a local store that suggested to replace the whole top bezel incl' the tweeter for 1150$ (!) :-\

Audio Plus won't ship to my country, Focal forwarded my email to the local distributor without giving me even a clue of how much such tweeter costs... I'm feeling like its a big secret... weird.
Kipikipod, a few years back when I had the same problem as you, I have called
Focal directly in France. Not only were they speaking English (this is a big deal
in France!) but they were also very friendly and assured me they will repair my
speaker then and also in another 5 years if necessary. However, they have
asked me to contact our local Focal distributor. Apparently it is the job of the
local distributor to replace broken tweeters and drivers. Just call your local
dealer and he should clarify everything for you.

In my case, the local distributor was very helpful and prompt. He told me
when their car will be in my city delivering speakers, and also where I should
drop my broken speaker, i.e. the name and address of a hi-fi store. I was
charged only the cost of the tweeter (no additional costs for shipping and


Hi Kipikipod and all, I ran into the problem of tweeter. May I know the price of a pair of Beryllium tweeters? Will the local dealer sell just one piece?..Thanks