Cost Effectiveness of Bi-Wiring Improvements?

Hey Guys,

I recently upgraded to a pair of Cardas Audio Clear Sky x4 speaker cables which are SINGLE spade terminated at each end.  Off the Cardas website:  "The original Clear Sky had a single concentric conductor. Sky X4 doubles that, giving it a cable geometry similar to Clear Cygnus & Clear itself. This also allows for an internal bi-wire."  

I am considering having Cardas bi-wire only the loudspeaker end of Sky x4 cables, also upgrading all 12 spades to "forged spades"...a considerable hit to my audio budget.  My loudspeakers are Jeff Bagby's (RIP) best component DIY Revolution Be monitors, designed for bi-amping, but again, the plan is to bi-wire only, from my Music Reference RM-10 MKII tube amplifier. 

This is a tough ask, but do you feel the possible improvements justify the cost?  I have done lots in my dedicated studio towards the purity of my power that can be found in my other posts, if you are curious.  Many years ago, I bi-AMPED a system with nice results, but this is less extreme.  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts from anyone who might have experience and expertise.  Thanks in advance.  Tim (Pin)


bi-wiring has always lead to an improvement in my experience.  In some cases, I've used less expensive cables for bass with good results, but my recommendation would be to keep the cables the same if at all possible.

Do you have other cables laying around that you could experiment with?  Hard to say how much improvement bi-wiring would offer in the context of your system.