Cost Effective Shipping Ideas


One of my hobbies other than audio is building and chasing parts for old BMX bikes. I do a lot of buying and selling of frames/forks, wheels, and all other components. Audio and bikes are very similar in a lot of respects like chasing parts, building up something that you might have had in the past, etc.

In the bike hobby community there is a company called that you can use to print off UPS labels for discounted shipping. I am really not sure how it works other than it does work and that it is use quite a bit in that community. You essentially go to their website, fill in your address and where you want to send the part. You also must enter shipping dimensions and weight. I have done this many times without issue.

It greatly reduces shipping cost over the sticker price at the UPS store. For example I shipped some wheels from the midwest to CA for $23 when the UPS store was telling me that it would cost $35 paying at their store. explicitly states that their service is only for bike related parts. Not sure how they enforce it, but I will abide by their rules.

Does anyone know of something similar to this for audio or electronic equipment?   Or maybe a way to get discounted shipping from UPS or Fedex other than having a business commercial account? I am tired of paying their sticker price. 

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Having a FedEx account will get you a discount. Not much, but better than UPS.
15% off is pretty good. I wonder if that's what I'm getting.
I've never seen Ship Manager Lite on my Mac.