Cosmos vs. Aries

Which would you choose? Has anyone had both or compared the two? Table first, than arm/cartridge.
I have to admit right off that I am a Sota fan and really don't think that VPI tables are all that!
I would buy a Cosmos in a heartbeat if I had the money. I have talked to Donna and Kirk at Sota about trading my TT in on the Cosmos. The Cosmos is arguably one of the best TT made. The Aries is a good table too. At this quality level it just depends on which nit you prefer to pick.
You will not set either of these up, spin a disk, and say "Man this sucks."
I have listened to the VPI tables, but I have not heard the latest version of the Aries so I don't know if this helped at all.
I have had lots of experience with Sota, i.e. upgrades and improvements and they have been great to work with so again I would lean toward the Sota!