Correction to Bryston SP-1 auction above

Bidders -- please take note. There is an auction posted above for a Bryston SP-1 pre/pro that has an error. The MSRP shown for the unit is $5495. That is the Canadian price, not the U.S. price. The MSRP in the U.S. is $3800. I notified the seller yesterday of this error, but no correction has been made yet to the listing.
I'm currently looking at the SP-1, in conjunction with the MC-12 (Lexico), Theta Casablanca II and a composite Meridian 861/800): different price stratums, but the price/performance is the issue.

You're very active on the site, and provide good counsel: thanks for the interest.
I auction here every now and then and I don't think you can actually change what you post as the retail price of the unit. I think you can only add something, in which case where the seller can add that the retail price posted was Canadian dollar not US dollar.
SD . You are a lighthouse in the dark sea of second hand audio dealings. A true watch dog protecting the flock even at the risk of being injured by abusive attacks on character and components. You have beckoned the call, siezed the oportunity, even tuned the fish. And you ask for so little in return. Maybe a small thank you is in order. I think not so here it is in living black and white a big (from the heart) thank you. THANK YOU!

PS- I think I feel a song comming on.
I learned my lesson a couple of weeks ago , but the wounds have scabbed over. You will notice, however, that I was a hell of a lot more judicious in my wording this time than the last time. Just passin' on the info, Glen -- I'd sure hate to see this site turn into another E-Bay....
Keep up the good work SD. If this place turns into another E-bay I'm out of here. I have always enjoyed your knowledge and enthusiasm. I've never read more accurate feedback on so many diverse subjects then what you contribute to this web-site on a daily bases. If I did have a song to sing it would probably be one you recommended.

PS- Now both your legs should be the same length
Thanks, Glen, for the nice words. I really don't feel like a lighthouse, though -- more like a small flashlight for the newbies. I often find myself wishing that a forum like this one had been available when I first got started in the audio hobby back in the early 1960's.
On auctions you can only add not edit unlike the classifieds where you can do both.