Correcting for high gain Krell KRC 2

Have a stack o'woe (err Krell) in the KRC2/KPE and KSA 300S.Nah for right speakers and with some taming cables like Crdas it's great stuff.Not being used now but should be or sold.Question is about how to tackle a the issue of it being such a high gain pre.Even with 2V you run out of volume pretty quick and with 5V you screwed.Yes could limit use to large room and some power suckers like Appogees (amp would be well used going to .5 and 1 ohm stable) but that kind of boxes you in.So a single ended cable only balanced being to high gain PLUS a line attenuator?Split combo and match with lower input sens amp?Tough finding CD player without a high gain (though this of course is not and issue with KPE inuse just enjoy a .25 or less MC).How to tackle issue if I keep or sling it to a freind.Where to tackle issue?Otherwise it's a fine pre better than KRC 3 or some latter models and has nice feature set.Just like to hear where others would address the gain in the KRC 2.
You could try Endler or EVS attenuators. Plug them into the amp inputs and then you plug the RCA cables into the attenuator inputs. Provides more flexibility than Rothwell attenuators which are fixed, but cost more.