Correct way to burn in a new CD/SACD player

Just took deliver of my new Marantz SA 11 today. Have seen where many people suggest you turn it on and let burn in for several hours before actually playing. Don't see anything in my owners manual about this. What's the best/most widely recognized method to help insure the very best sound quality?
Simply install the interconnects between the SA 11 and your preamp or integrated amp, turn on the SA 11, and play a CD set on "repeat." The amount of time you leave the CD playing on "repeat" is up for conjecture, some believe at least 100-200 hours 24/7. No need to have any volume to your system.
Foster is correct. No need to turn on the pre or integrated.
When I got my first CD/SACD player I was so paranoid about breaking it in properly that I did the first 24/7 with various CDs. The next week I played a SACD for 24/7. Sad but true. I had the player connected to my preamp with it turned off. Enjoy your Marantz.
Not related, but is this the S3 version? Would be curious to know your thoughts on this player.
Play away. I, for one, like to hear the improvements made during break in.
It's fun to see how much I can detect as it breaks in.

All the best.
"Don't see anything in my owners manual about this."

That is what is known as a CLUE!!
That is a 'clue' to what, exactly? That there is no performance changes in audio equipment as it ages? Or just that the manufacturer is smart enough not to enter an arena of audiophiles with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do than discuss what to me is obvious. Or did you mean to suggest that most all audio equipment had some break-in issues, even if for only a couple of hours, so manufacturers comments were not really necessary. I assume the former, that makes sense to me anyway.

Rok2id, consider that because you may have never experienced the break in of new, out of the box, audio equipment may mean nothing at all unless you can validate in some way, by establishing what ancillary equipment is used, your hearing accuity, your listening skills, and your experience, that such doesn't exist for others, apart from yourself of course.
By 'clue', I meant,obviously the manufacturer does not think 'break-in' is a factor in the performcance of the item in question.

Manufacturers do put the important stuff in the manual. Voltage requirement, safety do's and don'ts. Some speakers that require a certain placement like up against the wall or in a corner are mentioned in the owners manual. AUDIOPHILE mumbo jumbo is never mentioned. Ask yourself why they don't list recommended cables by name? Power cords? They ever say put little thingys under your speaker cable. Spikes under CD players? I wonder why!!

Or better still, if the equipment works better with certain wire or tweaks and burn-in time, why wouldn't they tell us, or provide them in the box? Why would they run the risk of a customer having a negative first experience with their equipment. Good way to go out of business.
Manufacturers do put the important stuff in the manual. 11-29-12: Rok2id
Rok2kid, your statement does not apply to several of the audio manuals I've seen. Some manufacturers are, in my opinion, negligent in this regard and their manuals are much too sparse, especially when considering the cost of the gear. Certain missing specifications are one example that come to mind.
"Or just that the manufacturer is smart enough not to enter an arena of audiophiles with too much time on their hands and nothing better to do than discuss what to me is obvious."
I believe this, Newbee.

FYI, Rogue Audio includes a statement that all their products are sold with 100 hours burnin time.


Your New piece of equipment has two formats, SACD and Redbook CD. You should break the player in by playing both formats equally for a minimum of 100 hours to hear the best music reproduction that this fine player can provide.

I would also suggest that you do not use the stock power cord. I will give you some recommendations if you send a PM. (Yes I have owned the Marantz SA 15, SA 11, SA 8001).

For the contrary posts above relating to "break-in", IMO/E,
Mfgr's do not put it in a manual because as some have stated they like to hear the player mature.

* Some may not have the hearing acuity or the equipment to hear improvement.

* It is not a necessity.
* The unit will not send you running from the room with your ears on fire. (it sounds Okay out of the box).
* Mfgr's are not in the business of telling customers "what or when to tweak their equipment". That is a personal decision best left to the individual.
* If you cannot hear any differences the Mfgr's do not want to be in the position of planting that possibility in your head. Too subjective and none of their business.

Opinions may vary as this is a forum and all points are open to friendly debate.

Just turn it on and listen to some music.
Hey folks,
Thanks for the good comments. I know I can more than likely just turn it on and listen away. However, I'm down with my speaker system for at least another week or so and I'm supposed to be getting a "break-in" CD from Amazon this coming Monday.
Tom 6897, what have you seen as a problem with the "stock" power cord? Was just sitting, having a cup of coffee with my wife this morning while looking at the "trash" interconnect cables Marantz sent with this "high-dollar" unit. Would you think if they can build the quality of CD player this is supposed to be, they could also spend $2 bucks more for a higher quality cable?
Andy yes, this is the latest "S3" variation. Was able to get a fair deal this past week. Would have been more than happy with a left-over "bronze" colored "S2!"
You are correct. The cables they send with the unit are just there so that you can plug it in and listen immediately. I always keep them in the bag and throw them back in the box. Most likely cheap chinese give-aways.

I would not base my listening impressions using them.