correct order of connecting a preamplifier, amplifier, and speakers

  Sorry, guys, not such a good question. What is the correct order of connecting the preamplifier to the amplifier to the speakers before I power everything up? I should know the answer to this question, but just simply have forgotten. Obviously, I am concerned about blowing a tweeter or something. Big thanks for your replies. 
1. Source interconnect cables to Preamp input.
2. Preamp output to power amp input.
3. Power amp output to speakers.
Never thought about this before, always just assumed, I know, that if power was off to all equipment that there was no real order or wrong way. What is the thinking behind the sequence already stated by @noromance ?
Yes, the order of connection doesn't matter at all. The order of powering the components up is all that matters.
I wasn't certain what the OP meant so I listed the connection order in case they weren't sure. Not everyone is technical.
If not powered up, the connection order doesn’t matter at all. When all is connected, power-up; start at source(s) first, then preamp, then power amp(s).