Correct ear alignment

I have found that the string loops on face masks put my ears in perfect alignment for critical listening.At our local Audiophile Salon it has become a mandatory “ thing” at our Saturday morning ears and coffee get together. It even improves the sound of my Bose system in my Ferrari 599 GTB. 


I do the same thing in my 76 Datsun 510, with an Alpine system. I bet my insurance is lower than yours.  Second my insurance won't cover YOU because I have a Ferrari exclusion policy. Just Ferrari though. They dropped my rates by half. :-)

The insurance company told me if I added Rolls and Maserati to the exclusion, they would actually give me money. Yea they would pay me..


They use to make a product called "Big Ears". 

I got new glasses, larger lenses. That was a weird one too. They would shift the phantom to the left or right if I turned my head maybe 5 degrees either way.

A hat! Turn it around or take it off. I loose a little air when I wear a billed hat.

Your ear shape actually changes ay? I've seen some really old folks, there is NO way they were born with those ears.. NO WAY. When your ears can't be covered with your hands something changed. 


Don't be goin' off on my BOT, Ro!

🤣That's really funny. Maybe you need to tune your system to the room? Sounds like you're missing some mids and highs that you like. If you like Bose, maybe you should try better speakers, even in your Ferrari!

oldhvy - Wan't "big hears" the system they use in Hawaii before WWII? It was suppose to "listen" for incoming aircraft before they actually had radar. From the story I remember, they thought the sound it picked up was US aircraft being ferried to Hawaii from the mainland. Turned out to be the zeros attacking.

When your ears can't be covered with your hands something changed. 

Their hands got smaller?

thecarpathian, I hate when some things shrink, some things grow, some just fall out, fall off and then fall over.. LOL.

Yea I think you're right fiesta75.
But these big foam ears. They use to fit your head and behind your own ears. Bigger than Ferengi ears. They work actually. :-)


The 510 was my wifes car. I new her and kept her 64 VW going and then she bought the 510. She looped LA dropping off a buddy and it lost a head gasket.

I learned how to hot rod the heck out of that little pile, and keep it together.

I bought a good cam, a set of headers, forged pistons, studded the head, added a big radiator and added a 2 barrel Holley I actually think it came off a ford pickup.

40 miles to the gallon and would smoke the tires up through 3 gears on aviation fuel. Powder blue. Total sleeper.. baby seat in all.. LOL


Why are car guys much more friendly than audio guys? Really… I have found this true after many many decades of involvement in each hobby. Serious and humorous answers accepted without prejudice.

Trying to think of the last time I stopped for gas and some guy didn’t strike up a conversation with, "Nice car!" I mean I know it happened, but so long ago it is hard to recall. Well it is the iconic 79 911SC, but still.

The one time I sat down to seriously talk about ordering, even that guy who was there to sell me a Porsche, he was talking enthusiastically about all the options, and not just from a sales point of view but more like the way one Porsche guy talks to another, almost philosophically, with great appreciation bordering on reverence.

A contrast with the way audio sales people talk, which could not be more polar opposite.

I wouldn’t be too quick to judge though, or paint with too broad a brush. One of the greatest car events each year is the Historics. We decided on Laguna Seca Saturday, Pebble Concours Sunday. Track day was awesome. Everyone everywhere just as friendly as can be. Countless fun conversations with complete strangers. One big happy family.

Sunday morning at Pebble, what a contrast. Every eye peeled and sizing you up, almost always looking down the nose with disdain. The ones who bothered to register disapproval. Others prefer the royal gaze, of which you are unworthy. A more haughty arrogant judgmental group I have never seen. Oh well, the wife is enjoying her time among the beautiful people.

Wrong. Over breakfast she said she was sick of everyone judging her. We had been there a grand total of an hour. "Can we go back to the track?"

Can we! And I kid you not, it was a breath of fresh air! We were in heaven!

So they are not all so friendly after all. But the ones who are, wow, totally make up for the rest.

Pebble Beach is populated with investors, stupid money and mega successful people driven to win. There are some amazing car guys there, but the vibes are pretty uptight. Leno is a perfect example of a real car guy. No pretense or attitude and likes the entire gamut of all things with engines and wheels.

i get the same attention at the boat dock and she is just welded aluminum… seek out good people, be one yourself, contribute, give back, goal seek but watch the elbows and ego, gratitude for wherever you might be in life….

@hhscott IF ya make it to Carlsbad, stop by for 🎶 

I am a Robot intimate with the Armco 

 The pair I was talking about are foam and they have a diffusing effect. They take the edge off the mids and highs, but collect for your ears a lot better. The ones that are solid might need a 1/2" of large cell foam to stop the blistering.


I'm just a Bot about town.



"Trying to think of the last time I stopped for gas and some guy didn’t strike up a conversation with, "Nice car!" I mean I know it happened, but so long ago it is hard to recall. Well it is the iconic 79 911SC, but still."


Are you James Redfield in real life, or just his ghost writer?



oops, keyboard not behaving.. well maybe the 79 millercarbon was iconic, but not the 911

It is in some peoples character to think what they own, drive, fly, float, is simply the best and the rest is crap. 

Like George Carlin said why is it the stuff you own is stuff, but what the other guy owns is crap.

Well that is MC in a nut shell. 

I never got on the status symbol ego trip thingie. As long as it's fit for purpose and I'm satisfied then that's all that really matters. 

As for cars, rear engines are an engineering absurdity from the past. If they are really that good, why haven't other mainstream manufacturers adopted that layout?

Same goes for audio.

If you think I am gonna fret and get all neurotic worrying if some people driving a Prius with a welded aluminum fishing boat, or worse, think me all uppity for knowing the 911 is in fact the most iconic sports car of all time, nope. Not happening.

The last time I drove it on a trip to Canada, on the way back traffic was backed up for miles at the border. The wait was hours. When I got to the checkpoint the first thing the officer said to me, "I'm not gonna lie. I dreamed about this car all my life. This exact one." And he looks the car over front to rear, bends down to look inside, "Just like this."

We spend the next 5 minutes talking, and I let him know the fantasy is one thing but actually owning and driving a 911 is so much better, and they are not that expensive, around $40k for this one, you can do it. 

"Why'd you visit Canada?" 

"Used to drive up to Whistler every year with the Porsche Club. Been a while. Thought it'd be fun. Didn't know the traffic would be so bad."

"Okay, have a nice day."

So even the border patrol are nicer than the audiophiles around here.

Not all of em. As you can see, not me. Look in a mirror.