Corpse Cable - Opinions Please

I'm looking to purchase an aftermarket cable for my headphones. The current cable is not long enough and was looking at Corpse Cable  for options. Would like to hear from Audiogoners about this company. Thanks for your responses 
So would I, dying to know.
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There's more one liners, I just know there is......
You have a grave undertaking ahead of you and you have my condolences. They have a skull as part of their logo so all is fair with the responses. Heck, their ad copy is full of puns as well. 

As to how they sound, I haven't crossed that plane yet.

All the best,Nonoise

The suspense is killing me...
Everyone's a comedian! I love it. 

I bought a 4 pin XLR cable from them for my Sennheiser HD 6XX. Those are my most used headphones. The cable has held up well and I have no complaints about sound quality. I also use one of their cables on my Focal Elex. 

They are to die for! 
The SQ of the corpse cables is dead on.
I find them not warm at all