Corona playlist- time to smile

The End    the Doors
My Sharona   the Knack

 (and no need for the grumpy old comments about taking this pandemic seriously, we get it, just read a bit about trench humor from WWI)
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Good one @mitchagain, "Keep Your Distance" is a great song. Have you heard the version by Buddy & Julie Miller? Killer! (no insensitive pun intended ;-) .
Corona - the rhythm of the night
Virus - Luna de Miel (from 80's argentina rocks band)
Soundtrack to Invasion of the Body Snatchers 
@bdp24, yes I've heard the version of "Keep Your Distance" by Buddy & Julie Miller, I think it's one of a few well done covers of a Richard Thompson song. I think trying to do justice to a Richard Thompson cover might be even more difficult than trying to do the same with a Joni Mitchell song.