cornfedboy ?

I read your post in regards to the boulder 1012. Please share with us your new purchase.
Chris, I would be more than happy to try one of your new power cords. Don't expect a positive review though unless you send a big check along with it as well as deep discounts on future products and long term advertising. Thanks, Doug unless you're one of the quite rare cases of male anorexia nervosa, we all be cornfedboys at the core. -kelly
I wasent trying to insult anybody out there.Apoligies to all. I try to keep things clean . If you have read all my stupid post and threads there is not one insult and this was not one.Just bad humor
I enjoy this site and do what i can and learn what i can
steven: i don't think you insulted anyone, least of all me. no need to apoligize in my book. -kelly
Heh Cornfedboy how about those turbos, I am seious I can make it happen.