Corner speaker placement

I`d like to hear from those that have used this configuration and what the acoustic result was. Soundstage, etc.

depends on the speaker.....gradient revolutions and lots of others, like audio note, corners
You will excite all room axial modes in the extreme LF bass. In the 125 to 350 Hz range you may get some suckout or cancellations from rear wall relfections. You will also get reflections off the side walls which can also hurt the mid and treble response (making sound claustrophobic and harsh).

If you must use a corner then make sure it is not evenly spaced to each wall and consider a PARC.

It is rarely a good location for any speaker unless your room is non rectangular (highly irregular)...although a subwoofer can sometimes work in that position provided it does only the lowermost octave (20 to 40Hz) and is heavily (actively) filtered above this.

Any room dependent resonances tend to be accentuated by corner placement.
I use the corners I have for accentuating bass. I don't know about all this suck out business, and acoutical confabulation. As far as soundstage goes it isn't great. I use the set up for when I want to hear something on my Klipsch La Scalas loud. At that point subtleties are lost and you are being moved by the music. If your talking about a corner for a refined speaker I have found it doesn't provide anything close to optimal staging, imagery tonal integration what have you, and would avoid it.
Thanks to all for your input. I don`t even have my speakers yet (merlin tsm`s). One of the biggest problems I`ll have, is that they`ll have to go in an "L" shaped living room. That is, a 17x14 living room in which one side opens to a small dining room about half way up the one wall. The cardas set-up doesn`t address this type of configuration and I can`t seem to find anything else on-line either. Before I have to move a bunch of heavy stuff around to try different configurations, I wanted to get some ideas.

You guys have really helped. Thanks.

Any ideas on how to address the "L" shaped room issue?
Maybe a picture or diagram with dimensions would be helpful? I am not expert enough, but others here are. You might consider something like near-field listening (I don't know the Merlins) which may lessen the effect of the room? Good luck!
Now that I know your thinking of Merlins. I would not put them in a corner. Bring them out away from the wall and experiment with positioning. You know the general rule is to space the speakers at the same distance you will be listenin from 8' apart put you chair 8' away. I have an L shaped listening space I use in my basement I put the speakers at the L and listen in the longer part of room but fairly close about 8'feet away . Toe in and find the right combination of distances for soundstage and best imergy, Merlins are fabulous, I'm sure you will enjoy them.