CORK: Diffuse or Absorb?

I bought these cork bath mats a while ago. I use them over a window just to the right of my speaker and duplicate this on the left side. I just bought a Vicoustic diffusion panel, the Multi-fusor wood 36, and mounted it in back center of my speakers. I very much like what diffusion does in my room, and want to do ad more. So back to the original question.... Does anyone know if Cork absorbs or diffuses?

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Yep- certainly wouldn't be a typical material for diffusion. It has a wavy
design, so not totally flat. But still a bath mat, so pretty flat. There are interview/videos on Peter Breunninger's AV showrooms website. He interviews a few guys with nice home setups. One of the guys has these very neat wooden diffusers on his wall. I believe they are custom designed. Sorry I couldn't send a link.