Heard of people using cork mats for turntables but would it benefit using thick pieces under equipment including a turntables, CD players and etc?
That's sort of what the "Isol Pads" are for, though they are cork + rubber.

You can also get these cheaper (and larger) at a plumbing supply store where they are sold for vibration isolation on compressors etc.
My favorite places to apply cork, I prefer 1/16" and 1/8" pure natural cork. Woven in and out of capacitor banks, under transformers, used as shims to isolate circuit boards from deleterious effects of transformer and other vibration, under fuse holder.

geoff kait

Cork is real crap dulls your sound really bad on a turntable.
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07-06-2016 4:34pm
Cork is real crap dulls your sound really bad on a turntable.

Don't use a turntable. Problem solved.
I have tried 1/8" cork between the shelf and a piece of granite that the component sits on

But I found that the shelf liner foam kills all vibrations dead - i.e. in this particular application

Hope that helps
Put cork on everything its ok with me. Enjoy!!

Cork,not dorks!
Here are those same isopads for much, much cheaper. I’ve bought quite a few and they are indeed the same thing that others sell for a lot more money:

Just scroll down the page a little.