Core Audio Technology Kolossus Grounding

......has anybody bought this product ???? Does it actually work as I do have a ground loop problem that I have been trying to clear and was just wondering if this product does what it states that it can do. Isn't this the company that also made audio racks and stands ???? This site if this the same company does not speak very highly of this operation.....your thoughts
I don't know anything about the Core Audio TECHNOLOGY Kolossus grounding station, but this is a different company from Core Audio DESIGNS that makes the audio racks and accoustic treatments that you mention. Although it can be confusing.
.........hmmmm suprised that nobody has bought any of these units to comment on. That's not good
Core audio has several negative comments from other 'Goners posted here about poor quality and poor customer service. i looked at their product but at $2000 found it too rich to suite my needs. I then found the Granite Audio Ground Zero device for around a bit more than $500. It functions on the same grounding principals, and for me solved my ground loop hum and lowered my floor noise to as low as I've ever had in my system. I discovered this product on Zephyr's system on the ultimate rig sections. You can use the manufactures search tool here on the 'Gon and contact Granite Audio in Arizona. Don, the owner was very helpful and easy to deal with. At lot less expensive, and no threads about poor quality or poor service. YMMV. Good luck