Core Audio Server Ryan Mintz

Has anyone had any experience with Core Audio (Ryan Mintz)?

Or, has anyone had any good experiences, with either product quality, or customer service?

I purchased a server from him over a year ago.
For the limited amount of time I have been able to listen to it,
it has displayed no real sound quality difference compared to a stock Mac mini.

After hundreds of emails, shipping the server and/or power supply back and forth, and exchanging it for several different units, none of them will run for an hour without crashing...

Ryan has only made absurd claims, saying the warranty was void.

Is this an isolated case?

Frustrated consumer
It was purchased from Core Audio in 2012. I do associate you with this PSU because of your own words that it was your R&D...

To be honest, I have not heard anything negative associated with Mojo Audio
Just because Ben did the original R&D does not mean he can be held accountable with what the Manufacture screwed up in assembly after he left and any changes to his original design that were made that he had no over sight. You said it yourself, "To be honest, I have not heard anything negative associated with Mojo Audio".

For Peters sake, the guy made a mistake in a partnership, rectified it and has moved on.
You can have something R&D by Einstein but if a monkey put it together it'd be monkey poo.

Sorry for the gross analogy, but you get my point. :-p
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