Core amp stands--load bearing capacity


I have Krell Evo 600 mono amps (135 lbs apiece) and had them on Core amp stands. One of the inserts is warping, and the joinery on the bottom is opening up and spilling the dampening compounds from the inside of the insert.

Sent an email to Core to see if I've exceeded the load bearing capacity, and wondering if anyone else has has similar issue with the amp stands with amps of the same weight.


Please keep us posted as I would like to know how they deal with your problem as I already own equipment stands from them.
You didn't know the load capacity before you set the amps on them? If you have exceeded the capacity,you have no recourse with the manufacturer.Sorry to sound so negative but that's just the way it is.
Arnold tells me that a new version has better joinery (tongue and groove vs butts)so will order some of them from him...

The new ones should easily carry the load of the amps.