Cord with C7 connector or IEC-C7 adaptor instead?

Does anyone have experience with either (or ideally all) of
PS Audio Jewel C7
AudioQuest NRG-1
Furutech G-320Ag-18F
I am looking for a power cord that is as quiet and unsusceptible to external interference as possible (both with regard to image and sound) for a Blueray player with a C7 connector. The concept of solid conductors and RFI rejecters in the AQ would seem to make sense to me, then again PS and Furutech seem to be more serious about grounding and shielding (or I may also just be jabbering nonsense).
Alternatively, I could of course use an IEC-C7 adapter with any other decent cord, or would such adapter be a needle's eye that makes the use of an otherwise good power cord futile?
Thanks for your help.
I use an adaptor from Voodoo Cable with my Wadia iTransport, and then connect a LessLoss PC. It is a major improvement over stock cord. I would go with adaptor. Not that expensive so worth trying.

I have an adapter and have used standard IEC cables on dvd and compact disc players via the adapter. But I didn't like the way the cord would sometimes disconnect from the adapter if I moved the gear around on a shelf, thought I might possibly be losing something via this connection ao I decided to try the PS Audio Jewel C-7 cord and I couldn't be more pleased with it. On the Yamaha 1800 universal player it really made an immediate an obvious difference in heft and punch.
Thanks guys, I've opted for a third alternative that was brought to my attention by Ron of Liquid HiFi which is to use Furutech's new FI-8N C7 connector. To keep price compatible with the player, I'll try to reconfigure my present Audioplan cord with one of those, see what happens.
I rebuilt two Audioplan "S" PowerCords with Furutech FI-8N C7 connectors for the bluray and the TV as well. This was the first time I ventured to cut up a cord and whereas I have always been convinced of the superior sonic qualities of the "S", I have now seen mechanical evidence for that. Audioplan sure deliver the goods at a moderate price; nothing to do with overpriced home depot wire in disguise here! The 2,6mm² of silver and copper for live and neutral was the limit the Furutech could handle, though. Aware of that constraint, the connector is a great accessoire, the enclosure leaving enough space for the two ground leads of the Audioplan "S" and some of the sicomin material that prevents mechanical vibration in the cord. Leaves everything firmly fit and nicely isolated.

I am very pleased with this solution, the image is perfectly quiet and saturated (where the signal warrants it, of course), sound seems to be more relaxed as well. I know, cords are "one of those things" on forums but to me this was undoubtedly worth my while and I would have to express my gratitude to Ron again for coming up with the idea.