Cord for VAC

Has anyone swapped out power cords with VAC and found a keeper. Looking for under $500 used.

Thank you.
I owned a VAC Phi 110/110, and VAC Musicbloc 160 monoblocks, and each benefitted by Purist Audio Dominus Ferrox power cords. I didn't find any other cords that made a difference as significant as the Purist Dominus. However, they're over your budget.

Since my ownership of the VAC amps, I have discovered Oyaide Tunami GPX power cords, which retail for about $350. I use four in my system. I can't say if they would be to your liking, but if I owned VAC amps again, I'd give these a try.
I use DCCA Reference Masters on my VAC amps and they are an excellent pairing for me. You need to hear for yourself with a few different cords ahs been my experience, then make a decision.

They are a bit higher than your budget but sometimes Don has demos and such that he sells closer to your budget.
I have the VAC 70/70 Musicblocs and am still using the stock cords (gulp!), but while recently researching power cords for a possible updgrade it seems that several members here are using the Fusion Predator on their VAC amps and that cord is within your budget.
I'm one of those using the Fusion Predators on my VAC amps with great results.
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When I used my Vac amp (PA100/100) Van den Hul Mainstream Hybrid worked best. Compared to Gutwire, Harmonix, Nordost, etc...was a nite & day difference that brought amp "to life"
I love what the Synergistic Research T3 power cords did for my VAC monoblocks!
This always happens with the variety of recs on PC's! :-) Everyone settles in with a PC they love for their ears and their system, now you have several options to go listen to, none may be right for you!

Enjoy the search!
My Vac 140's currently have NBS Pro PC's.....have bought 3 recently for $450.....about to try a Elrod eps-2 sig but that was a little over your budget. Buy them used and try them out...if not to your likeing you can always resell them for about the same as your cost.
I 2nd the Fusion Predators. I have a pair on my VAC Musicblocs. Much better than stock.
I am also using Synergistic Research PCs on my VAC gear with excellent results. The active shielding greatly lowers the noise floor as well.
Thanks for all the suggestions. This helps me narrow my search knowing that many members have tried and liked some of these cords. I realize that nothing is perfect.