Coral Beta 8s or Devore Super 8s

I currently considering switching from my Devore Super 8s to to Coral Beta 8s. The Devores do a lot very well, but they do lack in the bottom end. The Corals in contrast have slightly better bass, but the most obvious difference is that they're much more efficient (101 dB), detailed and forward sounding. When I first heard them I thought they were too bright, but after a few hours, I'm getting used to their forward sound. However, when I switch back to the Devores, they sound positively boring and slow in comparison to the fast dynamic Corals. Currently I'm running the Corals with Shindo amp/pre and a Lenco 75 with a Dyna 20XL and they sound pretty good. However, a friend has made a good point that if I upgrade to a more resolving cartridge I may find the Corals too bright and forward, whereas the Devores really shine with a high end cart (eg when we tested his Lyra Argo the other night). So my dilema is, which speakers should I go for, the ones that are very exciting now, but may be too much of a good thing later, (Corals) or the ones that are very even handed, but a bit too laid back at the moment (Devores). If anyone has the Corals perhaps you can relate your long term experience with them. I do like them, but don't want to regret selling my Devores at a later date as my system evolves.
Scott, actually I just sold the Super 8s. They really were great speakers, and I may end up buying them back one of these days. But in my room the Corals just edged them out.
I have a set of Coral Beta 8s that I play with a pair of 45-based push-pull power amps that I built for fun. I have also played the speakers with our S-30. They are fast and revealing but I would not call them bright by any means- with the right gear they are very relaxed, and sound fine with the Transfiguration Orpheus. I don't think you should worry about the Lyra sounding bright on it. Just make sure the cartridge is properly loaded and you will be good to go.
Atmasphere, I spoke too soon, after letting my Corals break in properly they settled down nicely and are very smooth at the top end now. I love how dynamic and open they sound. Its hard to go back to regular Low efficiency speakers with crossovers now.