Copying Vinyl Recordings to a Nagra IV-SD?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has tried copying vinyl recordings onto reel-to-reel tape: I am trying to find out whether copying vinyl to a Nagra IV-SD recorder is worth the benefit of preserving original vinyl recordings. More specifically, can anyone testify to the merits of the "outstanding" quality of Nagra recorders given the scenario of copying vinyl onto a reel-to-reel instrument such as the IV-SD?

Thank you for your responses.
A couple of remarks. Nagra recorders are among the best you can get, so sound quality is no problem. But I have worries about saving vinyl on tape, since tape gets worn out faster then vinyl, is vulnerable to dirt, magnetic fields, changes in temperature and dirty or mis-aligned playback-heads. If you want to make a back up from LP's for daily use, I suggest you burn them onto CD's and keep your vinyl in a vault :). Seriously, I don't think putting them onto tape is worthwhile. If you want, you can load your vinyl in a PC, restore the sound a little (noise, cracks etc.) and then burn them on CD. Also a lot of trouble, but IMHO worth it.
Thanks for your advice Satch. I think that an application of LAST record preservative might just permit me to enjoy listening to vinyl without fear of overplaying my records.
I've done the reel-to-reel taping thing, and no matter what you do, you get a "generational loss" when making the copy. It doesn't sound as good as the LP, and then you end up listening to the records anyway. I sold my tape decks. They weren't Nagra, but they were good reel decks by ReVox, Tandberg, and Tascam.