Copy protection

I'm trying to make a copy of the Velvet Revolver CD and the copy protection got me. The songs are all messed up. Has anyone found a way around this for us legitimate owners of the CDs to make additional copies? I read the Norah Jones copy protection thread and there didn't seem to be a consensus about how to get around it. I've tried ripping it with EAC direct to WAV files and no luck. There has to be a way around this silly gimmick.

My son uses a program called Alcohol 120 and so far has had no issues with circumventing any copy protection thrown at it. I have not personally tried it as I am a Mac user and this is a Win only program.

My son even broke Diskwarrior, a repair program for Mac. My own programs copied it and it appeared to be OK until I tried to boot from the CD.

My burn would not, the Alcohol 120 version would.

Here is a link to their page, appears they have a free 30 day trial. If it works and worth the bucks your done. If not, pull it off your hard drive and you've lost nothing.
Buy a stand alone audio CD burner and you can copy anything you want. The cost of blank CD's are slightly higher, but a portion of that is refunded directly back to the music industry as they know that these specific blank discs WILL be used for making audio only "burns". Sean
The Alcohol 120 software did the trick. Thanks.