Copy CD with EAC?

EAC seems to have little in the way of instructions for new users.
If I just want to make a high quality copy of a normal CD, do I just click the 3rd button down on the left (labelled IMG, which seems to be "Copy Image and create CUE sheet"), let it rip the disc and then click the bottom button (WRI) with a blank disc inserted and select the CUE sheet for the disk I wish to burn?
I know I need to have it in secure mode to ensure an accurate read.
I just click on "Action" at the top of the screen and select "Test and Copy" - uncompressed. Seems to work fine.
EAC is definitely the best tool for high quality rips. But there is some tweaking to be done to optimize the results. There are some good tutorials online for making high quality rips with EAC. Do a Google search for "EAC ripping," or something along those lines.