Copper vs Hybrid differences

Can anyone help to explain the possibile differences that are benefited form a Copper constructed speaker cable and that which would be a Silver/Copper alloy? I'm trying to evaluate the preception differences without listening for like PNF Audio (Copper) and LAT Int. (Silver/Copper alloy).
Does one offer better inner detail and staging over another?
My experience is silver is highly detailed and analytical, while copper is organic. I experimented with the hybrid Python bi-wire cable from Alpha Core which I did not like as much as their MI-2 copper cable in a single run. The hybrid was a little too edgy in my set-up with more empahasis on the highs that detracted from the low end.

Now while I use copper for my speaker cables, I use silver for the ICs (Nordost Red Dawn) as I think this set-up works best for me. Detail flows through the sources and the benefits of the copper comes through the speakers.
Hybrid cables are too lean, harsh, and bright, IMHO.
Pure copper or pure silver are much better, and more coherent from top to bottom, IMHO.
Now speaker cables that use copper and silver SEPERATELY in the same cable, such as the Signal Cable Silver Resolution, appear very interesting, and might well sound awesome!
There are "organic" sounding silver cables and "detailed/analytical" sounding copper cables. The design and construction are equally if not more important than the makeup of the conductor.
Coherency without tuning is what I'm chasing, I need it to stay netural. I use RSA Poeima Signiture ICs (Silver) and (I've never been sure) my spaeker cables may be hybrid. My speakers are Apogee Slant 6's and I adore the music from them, so as I evaluate a possibile replacement I don't want to end up with a cable that "lights up" the top end but I don't want to loose the detail that I've been continuing to find in music I listen to that I never knew existed either. I'm just afraid of loosing what I've already got without improving on it at the same time. Evaluations from non paid reviewers are very helpful to me, thanks to both of you so far.
your speakers, their placement, and your room will ultimely flesh out the detail you desire. the buils quality of cable is more important than conductor type, price, and claims of hearing things never heard before. your system should sound balanced from top to bottom. if you own great loudspeakers the details will be there with lamp cord(not a recommendation though).
"Hybrid cables are too lean, harsh, and bright, IMHO"...

MHO is different from yours, Audio Girl.

My AZ Matrix Ref mkII interconnects do not sound lean, harsh or bright at all, despite the fact that they are hybrid. I don't know about hybrid speaker cables, but I agree with Audiofeil. Design and construction...
Raw material choice does not always translate to sonic signature. Here is may take: 80 to 90 percent design and 10 to 15 percent purity of the material.
I personally use all silver cables for my setup and they sound very liquid and full without any harshness.
On the other hand, someone I know use all copper and they sounded harsh and dull and lack of transparency.
I've tried his cables on my 2 different setups and got similar result.