copper, silver, uranium 238?

Need some sound advice about speaker cable. Have Jadis power amps, and Pre-amp. For now have AudioQuest Volcano (non-dbs) Cost to me is a big factor like so many other people out there. I will also be changing my speakers from the Sonus Faber "Auditors" to a Wilson watt/puppy series. Thanks Craig
Might want to take a look at for some interesting new extreme performance cables ... Good listening!
Jkphoto is Kubala-sosna. He's always pushing his products in the Audiogon forums ...Beware and follow his track of propaganda !
I am partial to uranium, myself. Have no need for dirty electricity.
Smart choice for Uranium 238; it is non-fissionable. Stay away from U-235, that's the fissionable isotope...unless, of course, you REALLY want to hear the cannons on the 1812 Overture, but this would be a one time only listening experience!
For Wilson Watt/Puppy 5,6,and 7, You'll need some super thick cables that's capable to handle 2 ohm imepedance. Recommending 6 AWG size for 6 ft to 8 ft pair. Not many cable manufacture is qualify in this catagory. Bi-wire is probably the way to go.