Copper or Silver for Tonearm cable ? Pros & Cons ?

I hear so many pros and cons I am not sure anymore what I want or need.
First off I have a Audio Research SVi55 Integraded ( tube ) with a passive pre. A Scout TT with the Dynavector DV10x5 cartridge and a MC Coph-Nia phono pre along with the SDS.
Prior to the AR I had a Solid State Hybrid and had no issues what so ever. I put my Coph Nia on 47K and it was GREAT. I now have to set it at 1000 because of so much gain at 47K ( which I still don't understand ) what happened but I thought maybe try a different Tonearm Cable to help get back some of the dynamics I have lost. Better cable better signal I am just shooting from the hip and needing help.
I tried the Audience AU24 and the ZU Cables and they did nothing for me.