Copper Mat on Technics sp-10?

I bought a Technics sp-10 (love it) that did not come with a mat. For now, I'm using my Lenco mat, upside down.

What do you recommend?

I think the TT Weight copper and carbon-fibre looks cool, but are they really better than a good rubber mat?


ps. Is there anywhere one can buy the stock sp-10 mat?
rubber like the sorbothane mats might dull the sound of your table.
SP-10 mats are sometimes available at Ebay.

There are countless posts on Technics mats, my favorites are Micro Seiki CU-180, Boston Carbon Fiber mat and Funk Firm (thick).

The Micro Seiki fits like it was made only for SP10 but will cost you a lot. The Funk Firm sounds good but has to have diameter reduced to fit inside the lip on SP10. The Boston needs nothing except put in place and use.

Which sounds best will depend on your taste, the cartridge and even the set up. I think the Micro Seiki is the most dynamic and cleanest but horribly expensive. The Boston is a contender for much less. The Funk Firm is another sound, harder than stock Technics mat but softer than the other two.

Fortunately you can drop a new mat into place, correct VTA and listen for yourself.
I use the TT Weight copper mat on my Technics SP-25/Triplanar combination.

Huge difference over stock mat.

Good luck.
I have no financial/business affiliation with TT Weight.
My set-up (if it makes a difference regarding the mat) is a Graham Phantom and Sumiko Celebration or a Denon 103r (and I'd like to try a Benz Ebony LP).

Do mats tend to sound like their material, meaning copper and carbon fibre would sound more lively than rubber?

Thanks for the data. Jeff
Do mats tend to sound like their material, meaning copper and carbon fibre would sound more lively than rubber?

I find that's pretty much true, but the Boston, Micro Seiki and TT Weights are all hard mats yet each offers substantially different performance.

My advice is go for some of mats suggested, but buy used here at Audiogon. After testing, sell off all but your favorite.

If you shop smart you may not even loose any money and you'll learn a lot.
I do not know about the copper mat as I have not used one. I can however vouch for the quality of 3 other products I purchased from TT Weights (center weight, tt leveling spikes, and record cleaning machine record clamp). They are all top notch in build quality and function. If I was in the market for a TT mat I would not hesitate to buy from TT Weights.
Audiofeil, spinning records with a Technics? Ha! I believe in miracles...

I am speaking with TT Weights about the possibility of representing the company based on email responses/inquiries to my posts earlier in this thread.

Potential Dealer Disclaimer
I found a good and cheap temporary improvement over the rubber mat. I put down an lp as a mat and placed the lp for listening on top of it. Big improvement.

Thanks for the help. I'm leaning toward trying a copper mat. It sounds like the carbon and copper combination is intended for setups that are perhaps a touch too lively. I'd prefer to have the liveliness and if its too much then temper it elsewhere. So, I'd like to give the copper a go. And it looks nice too.

According to TT Weights, the copper drains static electricity so long as the platter is grounded. I do wonder to what degree the clear coating, if its not conductive, interfers with the conductivity of the copper as a static drain.