Copper and silver cables and bass response

Just changed out my Kimber KCAG silver cables and put my old Tara Temporal continuum cables in my system. Wow the bass was more powerful and deeper. What gives. Should I not use silver between my amp and pre amp? I read a while back that silver is best between other components. Is this more or less true? The KCAG's were more detailed. How good was the Tara Temporal continuum in their day? any opinions appreciated. mike
You know what would be interesting is how good are they after they get cooked on a burner? It usually makes a big difference even with long used cables. Actually sometimes the change is pretty dramtic with older cables, it is amazing how good some can sound after a whack on an audiodharma. Email me, I'll throw them on my cooker for you for a few days if you'd like.
There are differences in bass impact between various cables, but the perceived differences have nothing to do with whether the conductors are silver or copper.
I have to agree that it depends..I have had copper i/cs on my amp-pre that sound lightweight and silver that sounds perfect ( and visa/versa ). I don't think there is a hard fast rule..I do think from my experiance Silver tends to be more relaxed ..I have found that a good mix of both is the best solution for me.......
The KCAG is a well balanced overall cable. However Kimber's Select series in the silver hybrid (KS-1126) would provide you much more detail, air, liquidity and bass. Their KS-1130/36 are even better but are pricey. The Select series also uses their Black Pearl Silver.

Feel free to email me for more information on these as I use them in my system.