Copland CTA504 tube amp - how good are they?

Any of you heard of it?
Its retail in mid 1990s was $3500, but I wonder whether it is every bit as good as or better than tube amps made at near the same year at the similar price range.
I cannot find any review on it.
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Yes, very handsome and well made tube amp.

I still have a CTA401 that is still ticking away.

They have a house sound though that may not be to everyone's liking. The presentation is somewhat romantic, warm and liquid. Seems to be partial to jazz, vocals and classical music. Not really suitable if you like pop or rock.
Thanks for your response.
Pop and rock are one of my least likings, even tough I occasionally listen to them. My preference is most on classical music and 50~60 jazz and vocals. Looks like it is worthwhile to explore more.
I have a 504 and love my amp. It is mated with a wyred 4 sound dac and it is worth every penny if you like smooth warm mids and very rich..I reccomend either ts 6550 reissues or eh 6550,s and for the pre section use the new jj ee803 which is a beefed up 12ax7 with amazing lowend and no digital harsh highs and mids. For the 4 phase splitters use any 12au7 or 12ax7 I am using NOS Raython,s 50,s but any will work. Good luck!