Copland CDA822 VS Arcam CD33

I am comparing the following CD players at the moment:
Copland CDA822, Classe CDP10, Arcam FMJCD23, Jadis Symphonia. My feeling is that the Copland is the winner.

Should I wait till the Arcam CD33 is released and listen to that?

Any other players anyone would suggest.

System is Triangle ventis 222 speakers Jadis DA60 amp.

I have heard the CD 33 and it is very good for the money. I have not heard your other players.
I purcahsed the arcam cd33 and am very pleased with it. You may wish to give it a listen.
If you did not listen to the Arcam CD 82T, then you should. It is better than the FMJ, despite price. Cleaner, more transparent, detailed and musical.
You could/should try some Audiomeca CD Players! I suspect it might be a rather exellent addition to your great system.