COPLAND CDA822 Users ? Please Help ?

Hi, thx for your reply in advance !

Could any of anyone that have purchased this Copland CDA822 in the past few months pls tell what you think about it, exactly what comes packed in the box,how it is packed,and where you puchased it .

Am very curious/interested about this product and would like to know who distributes and sells this product in US and or Canada, and are they a good reputable,reliable fair dealer.

Thx for you info/help in advance, much appreciated.

Regards, H.
check out Divergent TEchnology is the US/CANADA distributor for Copland. Phone is 519 749 1565.
Great product. Good luck.
From your posting on another thread from about three weeks ago, (Jan. 16th), it seems that you already have the player. Is there a problem with your player or do you think something is missing?

Golden Ears, Golden Eyes ;)...

Hi there... yes you are correct I did post before...

That unit was a loner/demo, had it for about a month, well worked in, but am having problems with the retailer on receiving my New product, so was curious as to how others had received it from where ever they had purchased it thus my post ...

What is the dealer saying, that there isn't any supply from the distributor? (They're out of the players?)
Depending where you are (you haven't said) if there's a long shipping distance and associated charges, a dealer may stall until he has a bigger order, to save money.
My buddy has a Copland 822; it came well-packed, with a manual, remote and power cord. There are round slots cut in an extra piece of cardboard on the bottom to keep the player more secure inside the box.
Sounds pretty good too.