Copland 266 vs NAD 541i CDP

I've wanted to upgrade my CD player for a couple months now, and I've recently come across an older (98') Copland 266 CD player for about $1k CDN (about $650 US) I was curious if this would be a move up, or simply buying into an older generation CDP with a better name?

The seller says the Copland is using better K-DAC's and would be a step up. I'm weary though because the Copland is now 6yrs old, and the NAD 541i is only 1 year old. I dont have the ability to listen to the Copland so I'll be taking a risk. At 1k CDN it isn't huge, but by the same token I want to make sure its a setup from the NAD, even though its older technology.

Is this a good move? I'll be hooking up this Copland to my SimAudio Moon i-5080. Some people say the really good stuff is good for a long long time. Such as Califorina Audio Labs stuff...its dated but still holds up. Others contend that newer cd players from NAD and rotel have really risen the bar and have closed the gap by a wide margin in the last couple of years.

I've also found a Classe' CDP-10 for 2k but I'm not eager to part with that kinda dough at the moment.
The copland is a great player. The 266 do not use K-Dacs. Only the 288 and 289 did. (PCM-63P). The 266 has 2 of them, and 288/289 has 4 pcs. The copland players look great, and are a nice piece of equipment. Make sure you change the "Clock" on the Copland, to i.e. lclock XO3. That makes great imrovement to the sound. The price is nice though.
Hey Bambadoo, the seller insists he had it upgraded to K-DACS, regardless do you feel that this would be an upgrade from a newer NAD player?
If the selles says so, it's probably right. Yes I feel that it is an improvement. But! I havent heard the NAD. Maybe the first couple of hours when you listen to the copland you don't feel the improvement. That takes time. The musicality of these players are great.
I happen to know a tweak or two for copland players, that takes them even further up the ladder. The clock should be changed, and so should 2 pcs. of 0.47uf coupling caps, in the analogue stage. But then.. It's a great player.
The latest BAT vk51SE still uses the same pcm63 dacs as the copland player. Hope you find the information useful.
Best Regards
Hey Bamboo - I've had my Copland CDA-289 for a couple of years but I've never tried opening the box myself and therefore, the tweaks you recommend, is this something an end user can do at home with simple instructions from you or is this more involved requiring special tools etc? If you have a minute, would you elaborate it bit in layman's terms? I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

If you prefer, you can email me directly at - my apologies for riding your thread:-)
Yes it is. I am not sure whether I should email you or post it here. Maybe I can do both? This is a picture from the analogue board on my Copland cda288x. 3 tweaks are done here:
First swap those 2 wima caps for 2 pcs. Mundorf Supreme silver/oil 0.47 uf. This is for the 288x -
For the 289 I have a picture of the analogue stage, and do the same her. I think it is those 2 caps (4) that should be swapped:
That makes dramatic improvements on the player.
Second: install lclock xo2 (i have xo2) or Elso Kwak clock in the player (visit A picture is here:
3: do some plastic removal on the caps in the analogue stage. Not much difference, but some. This is your final tweak for now.

This is some suggestions. I have some more pictures when the mcaps silver/oil are in, but i didn't find them right now.

Best Regards - greetings from Norway.
For this money I will look for:
CEC CD 3300 (go to Rob at Applause Audio and listen to it!)
ROTEL RCD - 1072
YBA CD Sp├ęcial
ARCAM Alpha 8 SE
CONSONANCE CD 120 or 120 B
Hi Bambadoo - Thanks a lot for the details & pictures. It took some searching but I just placed an order for 2 pieces of Mundorf Supreme silver/oil 0.47 uf. The LClock X03 is too pricey a modification at $260 for now, and especially since I don't know what I'm doing just yet.