Coolest looking cd player in history

Check out this Shanling CD-T100 Tube CD Player. It looks unbelievable.

Check out these Song speakers.
Sorry, but when you've owned Spica Angelus speakers all other audio components are just visually boring :-)
Twilo i found the site but could not locate the product. i really want to see it...however cool it looks how does it sound? as well how much?
Hi,I am looking to buy Shanling T100 CD,can you guy point me to their direction?,Thanks(distributors in US).
Here are some better Pictures of this CD/Player
Hi Guys,

Read the thread - The "new" Look Capitole for photos I posted of the Shanling on March 11. If you cannot find it.
Click the link below:

Link To The Post
Just pray that the obscure shanling from the far east does not blow up quickly after you purchase it :) That would be an overseas repair nightmare!! I like the looks but at the same time am scared of the thought of it reaking havoc in my system in the event of a mechanical catastrophe! :)

It uses some well known parts but that does not necessarily mean its cut out for the long haul. Lets see what some owners have to say after they have used it for a period of time.


The Shanling is now being imported by MusicHall( I beleive)and the reported retail is $2000. On inmate at AA was able to get one direct before Shanling began dealing with MH and if memory serves me right he paid about $1200 for his. This player was at the show in Montreal this past weekend retailing at $3000 Cdn or about $2000 US. As Chris indicates while the look of the player are great a little time in use will show its colors...
Looks like it would melt a CD.
Thanks to Bwhite for the great job in providing the fantastic photos of this...i'm speechless!...WOWWWW!!!!...this is one i say "don't care what it sounds like just want one to look at!!"...I thought i would never consider buying a japenese cd player (i love the french designs) and even less a chinese product! However this unit just haunts the audiorealm of my mind!!...All my past many hours of diligent research for the best digital player at around $2K has now been made obsolete...and at $2K!!!???!!! too good to be true...quality may be questionable..the waiting list will be 2 years that time i'll get the SHANLING MK11...MADE IN CHINA...
I throwing in the 47 Labs Pi Tracer.
Hey Marsh where can i take a look at this 47 LABS PI??...YOU mean to say it tops this SHANLING?...What about the PRICE?
I think the Pi Tracer is about 25,000 bucks!

Pie Tracer Web Page
The Special Oracle CD Turntable is a definite for the coolest CD Player in History. Black enamel, 14k gold endcaps, African Granite base, it is beauty defined.
Oracle Limited Edition -
How about the Barclay Digital Transport? I will try to find a better photo - this one is kinda lame.

Or the Jadis JD-1

Bryan-You my audiophile friend are a picture whore!! Though we all appreciate it.


btw I don't think I am cool enough to own any of those players :)
Thanks Tim!! :) You're cool enough man!!!
THE JADIS is the REAL to the JADIS the SHANLING looks TOO other words "FAKE"...i think Bwhites intuition about the guts of the shanling being possibly questionable may prove to be right ...we'll all have to wait and see... if i had the money i'd buy the jadis over the shanling even if the shanling is half the price...thanks for the photo
The Jadis JD-1 is about $17,000 and you'll need the $12,325 JS-2 2 channel Processor/DAC to go with it... :) I wonder if they take cars as trade ins?
now that you mention the price...seems the shanling is taking on a "MORE REAL" shape every minute....

The Shanling CD-T100 will be available from Father & Son Audio in about 6 weeks. There will be a limited quantity of these in the first shipment from China. If you would like to reserve one for purchase, there will be a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit required. Retail price is $2000.

Feel free to give me a call at 208-794-6234 if you have any questions or concerns.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
The Shanling just looks kinda cheap. Like Jolida's stuff, they probably put all the money in that metal: lets see the price breakdown and the circuit itself. The Jadis is cool, it would be ultimately cool if the lid did the Krell thing: where it was clear and then when it closed it turned/changed black. The Oracle is alright, but didn't Sonic Frontiers or someone have one similiar called the Iris or something like that that had a lid that opened like something out of Star Trek: a bunch of curved pieces of metal opened and closed, something weird like that and it looke like an eye. The Pi tracer looks like it came from Kinko's workshop for cutting stuff. At the really cheap end: I still kind of liked the look of the old Harmon Kardon TL8500 and 8600's, just just broke all the time. Aside from Jadis, the Audiomeca's were pretty too, also french. Other than that, I don't care what my cd player looks like.
MBL of germany looks very nice... the prices...transports:16K and 7K...dac's:20K and 8K...CDP: 3K these prices qualify as the WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE UNITS 16K + 20K = 36K
Tweekerman-Not quiet, check out burmester or Boulder for the most expensive digital front ends, dCS may be up there haven't checked pricing out in a while.
Check Audio Asylum site for review from an owner.All show/No go!
Jdlepera...seems i've heard a well seasoned audiophile post something similar..."give me a break!..high-end audio has gone MAD...these companies can sell empty shells without anyone noticing"...i think i'll hold til i get a solid review...but if the review is as short as "All show/No go!"..i'll pass thank you
Jdlepera-I knew a girl like that once, very disapointing
Tireguy the captivating charms of this oriental beauty will break many other hearts along the way...and some their wallets
Tweekerman- that's why you have to have bottomless pockets :) it will make all of your dreams come true.........and more. Agreed oriental beauty is something to be admired.

Here is another cool looking player (transport) from Metronome.

Bwhite, your right, it does look gorgeous. Thanks for the pic.
I wonder if you make love to your CD transport, what companies would void the warr.????????
The Metronome has a look but you also take a look at the Revox Elegance CD player (
Check out the Avantgard Space CD player/transport. Its the 2nd pic.