Coolest color for Wilson Watt/Puppy 7 ?

Cannot decide which to order (I know, difficult problem- no flames please) Any honest opinions?
Money green.
I just received mine in Ferrari Fly Yellow, they still have the protective covering (while I mess with positioning and breakin) but I can email you pictures if you want.. They are really cool looking
Mercedes Silver!
love to see digital pics of your yellow wp7....
Cytocycle, Gosh I'd love to see those Pics too!!!
Ferrari red, of course!
The real question is which color sounds best?
Ok, I finally posted my system again with updated pictures
Click on (System) or use the link below

The color choice was the hardest, the Red was amazing also
To Kchahoc's point - my recollection from my college days is that it was determined that the color yellow had a lower drag coefficient therefore cars painted yellow went faster, all other things being equal. Extrapolating to speakers, I would imagine that the same characteristic could provide some sonic benefit so yellow would clearly be the way to go :-)
Do you have a wife or live-in gf, is WAF important? What is the decor and color-set of the listening room. Barring these considerations I would still choose something neutral like black/silver/titanium. Loud colored speakers may make your eyes gravitate more toward the speakers. Imaging will be better if the speakers disappear in the room. For that matter, a lot of people will hang something visually appealling on the wall where the center of the soundstage should be so that their eyes will gravitate to this point.
I vote for fuschia, especially if you want to impress the chicks.

Or if you have kids, I would go for a separate color for each of the four boxes, say red/green on one side and blue/yellow on the other, kinda like a big Rubik's Cube just exploded in your living room.

Or better yet, talk Wilson into getting some of that $200/qt. metallic color-changing paint, then you don't have to decide at all but can just move your listening chair around the room based on your mood at the moment. Lessee, purple if I sit in the rear left corner, green if behind the right loudspeaker....

We should have the speakers visually as well as acoustically disappear. If we are looking at the speaker, we will feel that the sound is coming from them; instead of from the performers.

Once you go black you may never go... But seriously colors are fun but can they stand the test to time and RESALE. I have wilson speakers and do look from time to time at the prices, and it seems the black models seem to sell quicker. On the other hand I would not mind trading my puppies for those really amazing yellow ones at least for a time.

Agree with Jazzdude. High contrast is great for the eye, but bad for the soundstage unless you always listen with your eyes closed. Order the color that will blend best into your decor. Get the matching grilles too if you don't get a color that is close to black. Avoid white speakers with exposed black drivers or black grilles for example. I know this is hard because we all want our pride and joy to stand out and be noticed. Of course you could always change your decor to match your speakers. Painting your wall fly yellow or Ferrari red might be a bit much though.

Jazzdude had a nice tip for putting something visually interesting between your speakers to draw your eye away from them. I have a fireplace, so I had not put much thought into that before.

Good Luck,
Thanks all! Came to the same conclusion that anything strong visually is a significant distraction from the listening experience. Picked the see through finish. I love the look of crossovers in the morning. Sounds like victory!
Thanks to all you Martha Stewarts out there. Went with Titanium after way too much deliberation! Very cool color and much less reflective than black for home theater without being visually obtrusive! Seems to reflect a lot less color and less light than just about anything else, especially the black and gives the sense of "skin", texture and depth.
Nice job Audiogoon!