Convincing your local dealer to let you try speakers at home

So, I had a great experience listening to some Devore 0/96 speakers yesterday. The challenge for me is that the room I heard them in is wildly different than any other room I’d ever listen in. (I’ll share a photo, below.) I really have no idea if spending $13k plus on these speakers would work out. I’d need to try them at home.

For all I know, these dealers might be ok with me trying some speakers at home. I don’t know and am not yet ready to ask.

But I’m curious whether folks here have any stories to tell about the reactions they’ve gotten when they’ve asked to try speakers at their home. If you have a story, especially if it’s a more expensive speaker, I’d love to hear your story. How did you convince them? If they turned you down, what was the reason? Did you agree?




Your comment reminds me of Truman Capote's comment about the work of Jack Kerouac: “That's not writing, that's typing.”

Home demos are such a conundrum.  The speaker/room influence interaction is so dramatic that no two rooms sound the same so the speakers will sound different in each of those rooms.  I like @sounds_real_audio  idea of a dealer visit.  It is true a way to listen at home is an important feature of purchasing hi end home gear.  It's easy with everything but speakers and turntables that require set up and space.  In our pro business, when we do a demo for a studio, we go set it up for the customer- the dealer doesn't do the demo.  The results for everyone is much better this way,   IF we did that in hi fi would possible buyers be more comfortable if the company itself set up the demo or the dealer?


@sounds_real_audio - I've often thought of doing that, as long as the initial consultation payment was credited towards the purchase price, if I made a purchase. I would also insist that they do any delivery, setup and pickup so they'll know what shape the speakers are in. 

@lonemountain curious if companies did home demos then why need a dealer network? Are you suggesting a company that is located in CA ship a speaker to someone in FL then fly out to do the setup? I would imagine this type of scenario would raise the price of the component by hundreds if not thousands of dollars