Converting XLR to Single Ended for inputs

I am considering upgrading my Krell KRC2 to a KCT. The only problem I am having is the KRC2 has plenty of single ended inputs. I have needs for five inputs; Phono, FM, Satelite, Tape & CD player. None of mine have XLR or CAST outputs. I have a couple of Cardas XLR/RCA adapters but have never used them. I always seemed like a band aid fix. Is it OK to use these adapters with no harm or degrading of signal/sound? If so which one should I use the adapter for, or does it matter?
Thanks a lot for any input.
Hi John- I would think that satellite is a no-brainer given relatively low fi audio quality. Then I would go along in order of decreasing frequency of use. Of course, you could also use RCA-XLR cables. There are several manufacturers who will terminate/reterminate in that way for you. Of course, it would not be a balanced circuit, but you would avoid the extra interface of the adapter.
For the analog connections use a rca-xlr cable, the cd player should be a digital connection. A balanced input will still provide some benefit to a single ended output, though I wouldn't worry much with tape or fm sources.