converting to gitital

I am again thinking of converting to digital and selling tt and vinyl. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has made that change and is happy or unhappy. Thanks for your input.
Well, I didn't do that. I added up the cost of replacing the LPs I didn't want to be without, and bought a new TT for about a third of that amount. Since then, I've replaced a fair number of those LPs with CDs, anyway--partly because I found myself grabbing a CD most of the time, simply out of convenience, so I wasn't listening to the music I'd owned the longest and loved the most, and partly because I bought a new car with a CD player in it.

I'm glad I didn't go cold turkey, however, because I've been listening to a lot of old LPs lately--one last time before I sell them--and I've discovered a few that wouldn't have made the cut five years ago, but now are among my favorites. So my advice is, make the transition slowly.
why change. keep both.
It's hard to drop analog completely. There are recording that are only available on LPs. In my case, I am starting to experiment with SACD and DVD-A with low cost universal DVD player. They do sound good but I still want the LP for that special intimacy feeling.

Most importantly, I don't think I will be able to replace all the LPs with new SACD or DVD-A. The CD version usually just don't sound very good by comparison to analog even with the newest CD player. (at least in my price range, <$2k)
I actually did the reverse just a few months ago. I had a chance to listen to a friends analog based system and it blew me away how much better is sounded than CD. (He has a pretty good CD front end as well, but it was just not the same).
I then purchased a Basis 1400 TT, an ARC PH3, and I now listen almost exclusively to analog. I have not looked back.

If you must go to digital, do so in addition to analog, not instead of analog.

Good Luck with your tough decision.

PS If you dump your LP's, send them my way!!!!
Prior to going digital I scored a new 3-head recorder and transferred 200 of my fave albums to metal cassette tape. 15 years later I still play the tapes alot. Even though my TT is all hooked up I seldom fuss with the LP's. Color me spoiled. LP's simply lack the uninterrupted play time. So consider re-storing some of your vinyl software in another format before losing the TT. I'm happy I did!
Do try the digital before changing. I am totally into digital, but the fellow i bought my Audio Aero Cd player had such a vast collection of vinyl that he just decided not to duplicate everything.

i do think that with the right Cd player digital is more convenient and most of the newer stuff is so much easier to get on CD.
Sold my turntable and all my vinyl in 1992. In 1996 I bought a new turntable and started collecting vinyl again. There is something about Records (sound, look, feel) that CDs can't duplicate.
Think long and hard before getting rid of all.
I went with just CD's, cold turkey no less, about seven years ago. I gave everything away. On occasion, I will get tempted to puchase a turntable, but the truth is that I really was not listening to records that much anymore and I just did not want to be bothered with vinyl's demands. Yep ... turntables and album covers are seductive (not the record, itself) ... but I prefer the seduction of "drop in and play" even more. I especially like the portability afforded by CD's and potentially 70+ minutes of straight playing time ... there is no need to adjust VTA; hear pops/clicks/scratches; and all that .

Good Luck. Rich
Do not convert! Repeat: do not convert! Especially if you are a Catholic! Now why the hell did I write this? Not being into the religious aspect of vinyl (you know: "blew me away", "my ten year old daughter could not believe how superior vinyl is", "it is a fluid medium", it has "continuousness", and on and on), I kept my tt and my vinyl records simply because some of the stuff will never find its way to another medium or I am not interested in paying the price to buy the CD. I don't see why you have to opt for one or the other since you already have the stuff. The issue is very different when someone is encouraged to spend inordinate amounts of money for tt, arm, cart, pre and record cleaning contraption to "get into vinyl". I would keep the lot.
I can't answer the question without knowing your setup and how "far" you're in. (Number of records).
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