Converting the speaker terminal on old amps

How can you change the speaker terminals from old amps (80s)?
My Namimichi receiver only has speaker terminals for bare wires, and it does not support banana plug or spade.
Is there an easy way to change? Or is there a change kit?
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If there is room on the back panel you can mount speaker binding posts without too much trouble. You need to carefully drill holes, mount the new connectors, run wire from the old connectors to the new connectors and solder the new wire in. I have done this on a couple of amps that had inadequate speaker terminals. I won't say there was a sonic improvement but it allowed the use of whatever cable I wanted to use and it was a nice Saturday morning project. Good luck with it.
If it is a srew type connector there is someone on this site that sells adaptors. His ad may still be running. Sorry I couldn't recall the name.