Converting stereo single ended to balanced mono?

Hi, I have three Thiel 3.5 stereo equalizers (bass boosters). These are single ended only. I was wondering about the benefits of trying to convert two of them to balanced mono operation. Is it possible? Is it worth it? What are the options for doing this? What are the pros and cons of these options? Are there any other upgrades that might be considered if and when these conversions might be done?

As always thanks in advance.


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I’ve just acquired a pair of mono XLR input and output JP Labs Golden Flutes Bass Alignment Filters.....for KEF 104’s. JP Labs though prompt and courteous couldn’t offer me any help with modifying these things for the Thiel 3.5’s. They also suggested that the case work might need to be sacrificed towards that endeavor, something that I am willing to consider.

Armed with a Thiel 3.5 eq reverse engineered schematic & interior photo, two (actually 3) OEM stereo RCA Thiel 3.5 bass equalizers, and now a pair of XLR mono Golden Flutes for different speakers, what might be the best way towards getting true balanced bass eq for my Thiel 3.5’s? What might the parts costs be? What might the labor costs be? And who might be willing to the work?

As always, thanks in advance!

Please take a look the Marchand bass equalizer

Contact them and see if they can provide something you need.