converting standard cable to balanced

I'm thinking of going from standard cable to balanced. Does anyone know if standard RCA terminated cable can be converted to fully balanced cable. I have Monster M1000 25 ft. length. If so, who can convert?
You can convert if you wish. You will need to find a set of baluns. These are transformers that convert your signal and ground to 2 isolated signal (1 signal and 1 return ) and a ground.
Hello Ernio 1, I had not considered the trans former angle> I think it would work but you would have to have very high quality transformers. Also it is not as simple to go from 'single ended' to 'fully balanced' as changing connecors. If you do not have the electronics to support balanced then what is the point? If you have the electronics then used balanced cabling.
Some cables can be re-terminated and some can not. For example, Cardas and Hamonic Tech can (I've done it) and WireWorld can not because apparently they use a different cable for the balanced version of Eclipse or whatever vs. the unbalanced version. Check with Monster and see if they can and will do it for you.
Ernio1- there are adapters available, but I'm not sure if that will do what you want. Anyways, Markertek (pro-audio) has a good name (Neutrix) and v good prices compared to hi-fi prices.
You cannot convert the cable since standard cable has only a
single lead plus the shield and balanced cable requires, at least, 2 signal leads (+ and -) and a ground lead. While you can add a transformer at each end to connect your cable to balanced sources and loads, you will not have a balanced connection.