Converting S-Video to Component??

OK, I know a Denon AVR5803 will do it, but are there any stand alone products that can do it. My TV, with sequential rather than direct inputs, is a royal pain to program to make my system wife and kid friendly.
Yes there are. One company that sells them is Smarthome, they have a few versions, ranging in price from $50 or less to several hundred dollars. You can also go to Radio Shack and buy a distribution amplifier for $40 or so. I bought one of these, which does a very fine job of converting S-Video to Composite or Vice Versa. The amp I use has one input and four outputs. Don't remember the model number, sorry.

RDL makes one. It's not cheap, but not expensive either. It's a "professional grade" unit, meaning not much in the way of picture quality. Cheers!

A little clarification - I don't need composite to S-video or vice versa, I need S-Video to Component video. I found an Entech unit at close to $1000, but's way more than I want to spend. I looked at Smarthome and didn't see anything that fit the bill. They have a VGA to Component video converter.