Converting Mark Levinson 331's to monoblocks

I currently have two pairs of Eminent Technology LFT-8's and a single Mark Levinson 331 amp. As there are two pair of speaker output terminals on the 331, it is possible to run both pairs of speakers from the same amp at moderate sound levels. I have a chance to pick up a second 331 at a very reasonable price and was wondering how difficult it would be to convert (bridge?) the 331's in order to have them function as monoblocks.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with an opinion as to whether or not this is paractical and whether or not the idea makes any sense.

thanks for your anticipated input...  

Call Mark Levinson they will know.HELLO!!!
Mark Levinson used to make a bridge kit precisely for this purpose. I think it used to sell for around $400, but it may have required professional installation. 

So, it makes sense, but not necessarily be practical based on the cost. And I don’t know if it is still available.
You may want to consider doing a vertical bi-amp of the ET LFT-8's with the two ML331's.