Converting balanced to RCA?

I was just given a Panasonic DAT Recorder. It has balanced analog in/outs. Is there an easy way of converting this to RCA type connectors so I can interface it with my pre-amp?

Balanced Audio Technology make real nice adaptors that will suit your purpose well. Check them out at:

Though the adaptors do not show on the web page, you will be able to contact them for a dealer local to you who stocks 'em.

Good luck!

go to your local pro-audio store, ya know - the obnes that sell to musicians, w/all the stage amps/speakers/instruments, etc. they should be able to sell ya some neutrik rca-xlr adaptors for <$10 each - yust as good as the bat stuff w/o the big price-tag...
If you can't find these adapters locally you can order them from Markertek - they have decent prices on good quality Neutrik adapters, about $11 ea.
Enter neutrik NA2FPMF in the search box to see what's available. I've used these adapters and recommend them.
The Neutrik adapters from Markertekt are a great deal. I own these and the BAT adapters and, in my system, they work just as well as the 1/10 the price
chuck levin's music world in wheaton, md sells 'em for $7.00...
i've gotten these adapters but they did'nt come wired interally. can anyone tell me how to do this? thanks in advance
Marklivia - Well, if you had bought them form Markertek, they would have been assembled. That's why they charge a couple of bucks more tha other places. Same connector Sedond canbuy for $ 7, sans the soldering (which, given my utter lack of skill w/ a soldering iron, is well worth the couple extra bucks)
I mail-ordered the Neutrik RCA to XLR adapters from Markertek for $10.95 a piece. They came assembled and worked perfectly.
the $7 neutriks i bought were plug-n-play; they're in use currently, no soldering required....
Sedond - Wow! Does the shop you use have a WebSite? I ordered a couple of the Neutrik adpaters for $ 7.00 from a large electronics firm on the web and they came disassembled.
alexc, no www - yust the local place to buy musical instruments & pro gear. i wasd *gonna* order 'em from a place like marketek, but the local store had 'em in-stock & i wanted 'em *now*! price was yust an added benny. if ya know the exact config - m-m, m-f, etc., mebbe they'd do a mail-order....
oops, i guess i spoke too soon - a search turned chuck levin's up on the www: