converting an LP to digital

I recently fed my cassette audio into my Mac Mini and converted the analog to Apple Lossless files. Sounds pretty good for coming from an old cassette.

I would like to do the same with some LPs but I'm looking for a better analog to digital converter. I know the Alesis 9600 gets mentioned a lot, but if I use my computer for storage and burning I really don't need the hard drive and transport that it comes with, so I was thinking I could get something as good or better for less money. Maybe not as I see new ones are selling for $800.

I looked in the archives and didn't find much. Maybe I searched on the wrong terms?
Dont. IMO You'll get the worst of both worlds.
Easy way is to use THE RIPPER. Super analog phonostage with USB I/O. Compatible with both mac and pc.

I have been quite impressed with the $40 iMic and free Final Vinyl software. I had been considering the Alesis but thought I'd try the iMic first. I don't know why it works so well but my ears and the ears of all others who have heard the resulting CDs are all impressed. I have digitized hundreds of LPs and scores of cassettes. The only problem is that very occasionally the Finyl Vinyl application unexpectingly quits.
Jim - Do you offer a version of THE RIPPER without the phono stage?