Converting an Esoteric player to 220v


Anyone has the knowledge if an Esoteric k03 is easily convertible from 115v to 220v ?

Thanks in advance
On K-03 specifically, i cannot say. In general, i have investigate converting a few Esoteric digital pieces...and they have always required buying a new transformer from Esoteric. It is not a matching of just flipping switches internally, or 'moving the taps' which is a fairly straightforward rewiring of the existing transformer.

AGain, cannot say if K-03 is similar, but i have inquired about P70, P-03 and P-01 in the past. Good luck.
Yes, it is possible to convert them 110 in 220 volts, it is necessary to solder a crossing point. Good luck.

I talked to a dealer about this very same issue yesterday.

He sent me instructions and pic on how to do it.
Its very simple (< 5mins by a novice)- open the back panel, unplug the wire from the 110V input into 220V input. No soldering, no screws, nothing.

Just a simple unplug from a tiny 110v 'socket' and plug into the 230V socket.

wow! good to know!! thanks for letting us know!