Converting ALAC to .wav

I have my entire music library on two Raid 1 drives connected to my MacMini. The Mac is a 2009 model. I’m considering moving everything to a PC and in .wav format. What is the best way to convert ALAC to .wav?  I may keep the old drives and MM so my preference is to use a new computer and new hard drives, perhaps as an NAS for whole house integration. I want a method that gives me the best SQ. Thank you in advance. 
Or dBpoweramp Music Converter - not freeware. Nice fast batch converting in my experience. Fully functional trial for 3 weeks.
Thanks!  I was hoping Steve would chime in. Do I transfer all the music over to the new drives first and then convert?  Is there a preferred hard drive?  My DAC is the OPPO Sonica. Is there a preferred method to use Ethernet to go into this DAC which has only USB/Coax/optical and Bluetooth?  Thanks again. 
FLAC, ALAC and WAV are all bit-perfect.

Most modern DACs should be immune to playback via USB.

YMMV, but I'd listen first before deciding to undertake the effort.
Thank you, Erik. I have always appreciated your comments and advice. And Steve’s as well. Since I have an Apple-centric house I could replace the MacMini since it is starting to hiccup or go PC. I do have Apple TVs, iPads, iPhones. Steve has proposed that Ethernet is the future and since I’m retiring soon I’m looking into the crystal ball to see what the future might bring. Thanks again.