Convert Spectral DMA 360 to 220 volts

Is it possible to convert Spectral DMA 360 from 110 volts to 220 volts? (not through manufacturer)

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This is an old thread but very well worthwhile to rejuvenate it, especially for "Euros" coveting Spectral gear.
Rick Fryer will bite your head off, politely but firmly, if you ask him for voltage conversion. Besides it cannot be done. The powersupplies -yes right-, plural, supplies in each monoblock are very intricate and built up from scratch for its specific voltage. No chance of laying hands on any schematics here. If you try, you may be shot as a spy. (:
What you can do however,is run the 360 safely on 120VAC through Equitechs ( get two, in the Euro version of 2000watts output for each monoblock. No loss in dynamics there and you have the advantage of balanced power .e. deadquiet. By the way, no official Spectral dealer in the US will sell you NEW Spectral gear. They all fear Rick's wrath and consequently loss of franchise. But you can always hope for good used stuff, which may be sold freely.