Convert Spectral DMA 360 to 220 volts

Is it possible to convert Spectral DMA 360 from 110 volts to 220 volts? (not through manufacturer)
Short answer is I don't know about the DMA 360- but you will probably be very lucky if someone here does. I have struck this problem on a number of occassions and can give you at least some advice. First step would be to take the top off the unit and call Spectral and ask them if it can be done. They may be able to answer yes or no. But having the top off will enable you to understand any verbal instructions they give you, or to answer any questions they might have concerning the part number of the power supply circuit board. Often the change is really simple and just requires a jumper to be changed and some verbal instructions and a soldering iron is all that is required. If that step is not productive then you could take it to a good technician, and they will be able to tell you whether a simple jumper change is all that is required. The technician may also be more successful understanding instructions from Spectral if such are needed (but they probably will not be needed if the tech is competent. If this fails it is probably due to the fact that the transformer is 110 volts only. If the transformer is not potted then the transformer can be removed and the primary can be rewound to work with 220 volts. If the transformer is potted, you have just two choices left - get a 220 volt transformer from Spectral (or even have one made), or get a suitably sized transformer to step your 220 volts down to 110 volts. Issues to consider are - transformers designed to work with 60Hz AC (used in US) can buzz when operated on 50Hz AC (which may be what you have locally - I do not know) - this is not necessarily a major issue but can be irritating. If you have a transformer made you will need to make sure it is very high quality and suitable for an audio application. Step-down or step-up transformers can be quite detrimental to the sound and are best avoided, but will work as a last resort and will leave you with probably 90% of the performance of the DMA360 intact.
This is an old thread but very well worthwhile to rejuvenate it, especially for "Euros" coveting Spectral gear.
Rick Fryer will bite your head off, politely but firmly, if you ask him for voltage conversion. Besides it cannot be done. The powersupplies -yes right-, plural, supplies in each monoblock are very intricate and built up from scratch for its specific voltage. No chance of laying hands on any schematics here. If you try, you may be shot as a spy. (:
What you can do however,is run the 360 safely on 120VAC through Equitechs ( get two, in the Euro version of 2000watts output for each monoblock. No loss in dynamics there and you have the advantage of balanced power .e. deadquiet. By the way, no official Spectral dealer in the US will sell you NEW Spectral gear. They all fear Rick's wrath and consequently loss of franchise. But you can always hope for good used stuff, which may be sold freely.