Convert MP3 CD to CD-R.

I actually never tried this, I got this CD Player that deosn't play MP3's but Does play CD-R's. I download a lot of music from limewire which is mp3 format. Can I (by software) convert this mp3 format to CD-R and then copy it to a cd, so my CD player can read it?

Thanks !!!
Stay away from limewire first but yes it is easy. It will not be better quality though. It will still be compressed but just use your burning program to convert it to an audio CD.
Yes, it's easy to do with most programs designed to manage music files, like iTunes, Toast or any of the others.

Specifically, you need to convert the mp3 files to AIFF format. As Rwwear said, they'll still sound like mp3's but you'll be able to play them.